Best Wedding Gift Ever!

This is a great idea for couples that have been living together prior to their wedding and have all the items that are typically offered was a wedding gifts, such as toasters or silverware.  It is also ideal for those looking for some help with their “Honeymoon Fund”.  These “funds” were created back in the 1990’s as an additional service that we provide to help couples with the cost of their honeymoon.  Guests would contact us and advise what funds they would wish to contribute, and in turn, the agent would add their names to the gift registry.


It’s called a “Honeymoon Registry” and works along the same lines as a wedding gift registry, but with a bit more of a twist! The Honeymoon Registry can contribute towards the cost of the couple’s airfare, accommodation, excursions or sport activities for their dream honeymoon, instead of a list of gifts!   And the good thing for the guest is, that it, saves them from going out shopping and buying a gift!